Who stole my croissant

Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

In Saturday’s Telegraph (Weekend)

I’ve written about Konga, a dance fitness craze that’s not remotely French. It’s hot, sweaty and frenetic for one thing and it comes from Australia of all places. But here’s a thing: while … Continue reading

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Lonely nights in Paris

Here are two little-known facts about Valérie Trierweiler: at 23 she had never flown in a plane or seen the Mediterranean. The elegant mother of three who was dumped publicly … Continue reading

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Valérie Trierweiler’s style diktats

The former first lady of France is 49 and very elegant. I’d say her look is more that of a woman in her fifties, than forties – personally I think … Continue reading

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Walking in high heels – in Saturday’s Telegraph

In Saturday’s Telegraph Weekend I learn how to strut and swagger in a pair of perilously high platforms bought in Paris in a moment of madness. With me holding my hand is the … Continue reading

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Is Airbnb too good to be true?

Airbnb, the website that allows hosts to rent out spare rooms and properties, is a wonderful invention, no doubt about it, but it’s nothing like staying in a hotel. There’s no … Continue reading

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A great little bra shop in Paris

I discovered this place by chance. It’s at the southern tip of the bustling but not particularly fashionable rue du Commerce in the 15th. Carline’s is more of a giant … Continue reading

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Window shopping in Saint-Germain

A new scent arrived at Diptyque’s flagship shop in Paris just days ago. It’s called Essences Insensées and it’s a mix of mimosa, violets and heliotrope. It comes in a … Continue reading

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10 things you didn’t know about Paris

I’m just back from a weekend in Paris. Conkers were falling from the horse chestnuts, shops were putting out their autumn clothes, but it was so warm that everybody was out … Continue reading

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A long weekend in Paris

In search of inspiration for the blog and the perfect steak frites, I am off to Paris this weekend with my friend Ruth. We’re travelling not by Megabus but in … Continue reading

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The Art of Simplicity – Japan with a dash of Paris

London feels a little empty this August. The French ghettos – areas like South Ken and Clapham – have lost their uniquely Parisian atmosphere. I’m also missing all those sartorial signs … Continue reading

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A lemon yogurt ice cream for the weekend

My French grandmother used to make this ice cream with lemon yogurts from Loseley, the deluxe yogurt brand of the Seventies. I’ve still got the recipe in an old scrapbook, … Continue reading

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Roland Mouret at Banana Republic

Roland Mouret, inventor of the Galaxy dress, has launched a new collection at Banana Republic today, a shop my Parisian great aunt Ghislaine (an intrepid shopper at 93) refers to … Continue reading

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What Frenchwomen take on holiday (their top 10 beauty secrets, shhh)

While Delphine wasn’t looking I crept up to her bedroom and had a look inside her half-packed suitcase. I spotted a DVD (La Piscine with Romy Schneider), a book (Tamara … Continue reading

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It’s a small, small world

Imagine a summer holiday without mosquito bites. Imagine being able to ditch the smelly sprays and lotions, the bed nets and plug-in repellents. Imagine being able to sleep à la belle étoile, … Continue reading

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