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Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

The French view on 1. husbands 2. lingerie

My favourite lingerie shop on the rue du Commerce in Paris

There was a great deal of brouhaha on Twitter over my interview in last week’s Sunday Telegraph of Davina McCall, the warm and funny one-time presenter of Big Brother. La Davina just happens to be half French (her maman was Parisian), which means she wears matching lingerie and likes to please her husband in bed, even if she’s exhausted. These views, which are entirely normal if you’re French and strike me as highly civilised, unleashed a storm of feminist outrage.

On this matter I’m firmly in Davina’s camp. Why should there be a contradiction between being a modern, independent woman and taking care of your beloved husband in the bedroom department? And what sort of world would it be if there was no Aubade, no Eres and no Princesse Tam Tam – just M&S churning out dreary undies by the lorryload? Where would British women be if Herminie Cadolle hadn’t come along and invented the bra, thereby liberating us from corsets?

Here is the link to the piece if you want to make up your own mind:



One comment on “The French view on 1. husbands 2. lingerie

  1. E Grigg
    June 6, 2015

    In the 1930’s, glam lingerie was produced by a ‘couturiere’ for the
    wedding trousseau…and ‘matchie matchie’ hadn’t been invented …poss
    came from the US in the 50’s………..

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