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Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

Valérie Trierweiler’s style diktats

IMG_9894The former first lady of France is 49 and very elegant. I’d say her look is more that of a woman in her fifties, than forties – personally I think a bit of grunge in one’s forties is no bad thing – but I’m looking forward to dressing like her when I’m about 56, possibly with a matching dog.

Here are her style rules:

*Hair must be bouffant and bouncy at all times. The grand amour of VT is not François Hollande but her hairdresser. Un brushing – aka blowdry – is the most important weapon in any Parisian woman’s arsenal. If you can’t get to the hairdresser stay at home!

*Maquillage, in the form of mascara, eye pencil, eyeshadow and lipstick (not too glossy) is also crucial. Judging from her subtle but extremely well-applied eye makeup VT follows the Inès de La Fressange rule of never applying the mascara to the lower lashes. Does she want to show the wrinkles? Non, non et non!

*Nails must always be manicured and immaculate. A particular VT touch is to match her red lipstick to her nail polish – very chic!

*Basics – coats, jackets, trousers – must always be top-quality. This gives instant class

*Block colours (more modern) are favoured over prints (can look dowdy)

*Statement jewellery is de rigueur – one good necklace or earrings is usually enough

*VT knows the value of high heels in terms of empowerment and sex appeal. I have never seen pictures of her in ballet pumps

*The expression must be misty-eyed, a little mysterious – as if to say ‘I’m an older woman with a fascinating past’

Coming soon: a review of la Trier’s kiss-and-tell memoirs



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