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Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

A long weekend in Paris


Make mine a steak: Le Relais de l’Entrecôte in Saint-Germain

In search of inspiration for the blog and the perfect steak frites, I am off to Paris this weekend with my friend Ruth. We’re travelling not by Megabus but in the giddy comfort of the Eurostar.

We are staying in a tiny Airbnb apartment dans le Quartier Latin, a hop and a skip from the Luxembourg Gardens where wild-haired Frenchmen in very tight shorts can regularly be spotted scissoring up and down the pathways and adorable French children ride ponies le weekend.

It’s Ruth’s birthday and we’re aiming to do the following:

IMG_8182*Light a candle at the Saint-Sulpice church
*Visit Princesse Tam Tam – and le Bon Marché
*Have a café crème or a caipirinha at Le Fumoir near the Louvre (pictured, right)
*Eat a cake from the Pâtisserie des Rêves
*Gaze at the Tissots in the Musée d’Orsay
*Nip into Diptyque in Saint-Germain (cheaper in Paris)
IMG_8154*Sit in the lovely garden of the Rodin Museum
*Eat a sensational croque-monsieur somewhere
*Explore the Marché aux Puces in the 18th
*Snap up a bargain at Monoprix (pictured, left)


I will be on the look-out in particular for

*A tremendously smelly cheese – not to travel back on the Eurostar to London with a decomposing fromage of some kind would be, frankly, very bad manners (to the French)
IMG_9428*The latest issue of Paris Match (excellent source of French gossip)
*Gum boots with heels – my Parisian friend Angelica owns a pair and says they’re the last word in chic. I have yet to find out where she buys them (Aigle?)

A word about Airbnb

I will be posting pronto about my experience of Airbnb, the website that allows ‘hosts’ to rent out spare rooms and properties (to the fury of hoteliers and B&B owners worldwide). Set up by three enterprising guys in San Francisco six years ago, it’s one of the world’s fastest growing travel companies and worth a cool £6 billion.

Paris is Airbnb’s most popular destination and Ruth and I are taking a gamble on an apartment in the 6th. I have chosen it entirely for its location. In fact I’m still mourning the one that got away – a beautiful apartment in the Batignolles (wrong part of town).

We are paying just over £150 for two nights ie £75 each– is it all a bit too good to be true?




2 comments on “A long weekend in Paris

  1. Liesbeth
    September 2, 2014

    I have now used Airbnb four times (Italy, Spain and England) and think it is absolutely brilliant, but of course it is all about your expectations… If you expect crisp white sheets and shiny bathroom taps than Airbnb is not for you.. You are not paying for a hotel (or service apartment) and so you don’t get hotel service… It is much more like going to stay at a friend’s house, and it actually really does feel like that because despite Airbnb getting bigger, so far I have always really felt the community feeling that it all started with, I have met only lovely, warm house owners and felt at home in all four accommodations… I think Airbnb is good for some people but not for others, if you want the service of a hotel then stay at a hotel (or aparthotel) if, after a long shopping/sightseeing day, you want to feel at home in a place and be able to open a bottle of wine and put your feet up as if you were at home then Airbnb is fabulous…
    There are no miracles and it is not a matter of being too good to be true; you get what you pay (and some people will prefer to pay for a hotel)
    Have a lovely time in Paris

    • Casilda Grigg
      September 2, 2014

      Thks for your comment. Good point about not expecting too much. I do think it’s a bit of a miracle to pay so little for such a great location & it’s fabulous not to have the sting of a hotel bill. But let’s see. I’ll post about it on my return!

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