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Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

A lemon yogurt ice cream for the weekend

My French grandmother used to make this ice cream with lemon yogurts from Loseley, the deluxe yogurt brand of the Seventies. I’ve still got the recipe in an old scrapbook, written in the cursive handwriting I learnt from three years of French schooling. I’m not sure Loseley lemon yogurt exists any more but I’ve adapted my grandmother’s recipe using normal yogurt and fresh lemon.

The ice cream is tangy and luscious – it wakes up your taste buds and delivers the most amazing flavour hit. It also takes just minutes to make.

Tipped onto an attractive dish, and surrounded by raspberries and halved strawberries dusted with icing sugar, the results are impressive for a dessert that doesn’t require any fancy gadgetry. I rather hanker after those round single-holed ice cream moulds of the Seventies, the idea being you filled the hole in the middle of the ice cream with fruit when you came to serve it.

The ice cream is at its best when it starts to soften and melt so do take it out of the freezer at least 1hr before serving, if not earlier. If you’ve stored the fruit in the fridge, take it out at the same time.

This would make a perfect finale to a Sunday lunch or summer barbecue.

Lemon Yogurt Ice Cream

You will need:

A bowl
A small plastic container suitable for freezing
A vegetable peeler (for the lemon zest)

Ingredients (for six)

A 500g pot of natural full fat yogurt
3 plump, best-quality lemons (zest of one, plus juice of all three)
4 generous tablespoons of icing sugar, sieved to remove any lumps
1 small (250ml) pot of double cream

1. Place all the ingredients in a bowl and beat together with a fork. Taste, adding more sugar or lemon if needed (it should be tangy and sweet but not too tart – if in doubt take the sugar up)
2. Decant into a plastic container and seal
3. Freeze for at least 4 hours


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