Who stole my croissant

Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

Amour and the app –in Saturday’s Telegraph


La vie en rose: James and I test the latest dating app


Smell the coffee: Fabien Cohen, a co-founder of the French app, happn

I try out the latest proximity dating app from Paris. Here I am with my co-tester James Innes at Barrio East on Shoreditch High Street at the start of my adventure (James is already looking just a tiny bit addicted but that’s men for you). We’re drenched in Barbara Cartland pink but that’s what happens when you pair an iPhone camera with a cocktail bar in east London.

The app is called happn, it’s designed to spark what the French saucily call ‘des rencontres fugaces’ and it’s apparently gone down a storm in Paris where it already has 150,000 users. One of its three co-founders is the tech entrepreneur (and energetic Tweeter), Fabien Cohen (pictured right). His Twitter photo shows him coffee in hand, looking brooding, soulful and very, very French.

So what is the point of happn? And what exactly does it do? According to The Times, the fashionably disemvowelled app aims to ‘thaw away’ the froideur with which we regard passing strangers and ‘nurture romance on the lonely aisles of Britain’s public transport’.

Can such a thing be possible? Can amour really flourish in the wind-lashed tunnels of the London Underground? Are London buses really a potential hotbed of desire and flirtation?

Log on to the Telegraph website to find out what happened when we signed up with happn



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