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Instant summer grooming (Dior’s latest invention)

nailglow2There is a product out there – a beauty product – that Parisians in London are very overexcited about. It’s made by Dior, it comes in a groovy neon bottle and it’s called ‘Dior Nail Glow.’

Even though French girls probably know a lot more about nails than I do I’m not convinced that any nail product can justify a price tag of £18.50. There are so many things I would rather spend the money on – a movie and cappuccino at the deluxe Olympic Cinema in Barnes (£18), a two-course set lunch at the buzzy Bar Boulud in Knightsbridge (£17 on a weekday), nine 100g bars of Lindt chocolate from Waitrose (current favourite: dark chocolate with orange).

But because I trust Delphine, the Paris princess who tipped me off about Jigsaw tweed (see earlier blog entry), I go all the way to Boots on Ken High Street and hand over the money without so much as a glance at my favourite nail polish brand (Essie).

Here’s what the product claims to do:

a. Make nail tips whiter
b. Make the body of the nail pinker
c. Provide an instant French manicure

It all sounds too good to be true but I’ve tried Dior Nail Glow out on several friends and I have to say it’s a universal thumbs-up. One friend even liked the smell even though chemical is the only obvious adjective that springs to mind.

nailglow1I wouldn’t say the product delivers a professional manicure – that’s why nail bars were invented – but here’s what it does do:

1. It dries in the time it takes to watch Pharrell Williams’s Happy on YouTube (just over 4 minutes)
2. It doesn’t require much effort. You can apply it on the bus or Tube in a slapdash way and it still looks good
3. It’s lovely and shiny. At first you may think the shine is tacky but trust me it grows on you
4. It’s much nicer than a normal top coat – and there’s a pleasing rosy hue
5. Only one coat is needed
6. It looks much better in real life than in the photo

Dior Nail Glow doesn’t make the tips quite as white as I’d like but when I test it out on Katy, a friend who has monthly mani-peds, even she’s impressed. ‘The great thing about it is it gives a bit of instant grooming,’ she says. ‘And if you chip it you wouldn’t notice.’





One comment on “Instant summer grooming (Dior’s latest invention)

  1. Slc
    July 16, 2014

    I nabbed the last bottle in PeterJones this afternoon – it truly is a great product – Dior I salute you!

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