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Style secrets of the French by Casilda Grigg

Why the French can’t get enough of H&M Home


Home sweet home: ethnic cushions and knick-knacks at H&M

I was disbelieving when Delphine, a Kensington mother who has her hair blow-dried twice a week and owns a pair of sage-green Chanel gumboots, told me that H&M, the Swedish clothing line known for its hot-off-the-runway fashions and jumble sale atmosphere, was now selling home furnishings. ‘It’s vraiment cool,’ says Delphine. ‘You can revamp your children’s bedrooms for very little money. And they don’t have H&M Home in Paris.’

Bracing myself for disappointment, I went to have a look in the basement of the Kensington High Street branch where I found everything from chinaware to bedlinen at fantastic prices. I liked the patterned cushions in pink and turquoise (£6.99), the paisley tea towels with recipes on them (£2.99) and the vintage French china and tablelinen. I was also very tempted by the jute baskets (£14.99).


Stripes and prints: simple black and white designs with a vintage feel

Remarkably this new line at H&M has had very little publicity, which means not many people know about it. There are only three H&M Homes in London – High Street Ken, Oxford Street (174-6) and Westfield Stratford – but all the range is available online from H&M’s website which I found easy to navigate (or you can call 0844 736 9000).

There’s now a snazzy new Zara Home opposite the High Street Kensington H&M –  a perfect opportunity to mix chic et cheap. And, a stone’s throw from Zara, you can find beautiful table lamps (from £49) at India Jane.

Here are a few examples of what’s currently on sale at H&M:



2 comments on “Why the French can’t get enough of H&M Home

  1. Alice
    May 4, 2014

    Thanks for this Casilda, I needed some inspiration and at a good price too. Just been on line and ordered a couple of house things, including a duck egg blanket – tres pleased with moi!

    • Casilda Grigg
      May 6, 2014

      V glad it was helpful. Lovely things in Zara Home too which I think I mentioned briefly in the piece.

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