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A stylish pink trench coat for spring

IMG_8623Perhaps global warming is to blame – that’s what Vogue says so it must be true – but trench coats are huge this spring, especially coloured ones. French Elle is wild about them, as is Madame Figaro which waxes lyrical about their sexiness (everything is hidden), their androgyny and how they can accompany us ‘du matin au soir.’

Amazingly Monsoon, purveyor of all things ethnic and floral, is having a trench coat moment. Their version is an adorable pink with big, horn-inspired buttons, storm flaps and a flatteringly sharp, high-waisted cut. It feels naughty and safe all at once. I know this because I’ve bought one myself. Bravo Monsoon!

The coat costs £89 and needless to say ingenuity is required to find one. Shop stocks are low and online there is just one left in a size 10 or a size 14. I’m told the Monsoon Home Delivery team can help track one down – call (Mon-Fri only) 0844 880 3173. The coat product number is 5930291012, the product name ‘Carina Mac’.

The woman in in the photo

The Monsoon trench coat is modelled by my Brazilian friend Edvania Melin who owns one of the world’s largest collections of handbags. I asked her to put a pink ribbon in her hair like Catherine Deneuve in Les Parapluies de Cherbourg but she refused.




One comment on “A stylish pink trench coat for spring

  1. Anthony Gardner
    May 18, 2014

    I spotted one of these at a fashionable West End book launch the other night, so you’re obviously on the button(s)!

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